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Marketing is Changing — and Fast

Reaching customers with the right message in the right channel has never been more complex. Amid this change, persistent skill gaps in marketing make it challenging to level-set teams and meet business needs. Companies must train marketers in analytics, automation, customer insights, and digital mindsets to capitalize on the latest technologies and win in the marketplace.
  • 74

    Percentage of executives who believe marketing faces a major talent shortage.

    Statistics source: The Economist Group, Perpetual Evolution, 2019.
  • 41

    Percentage of marketers who feel properly equipped for the digital age.

    Statistics source: Kantar and the American Marketing Association, Modern Marketing Learning for the Future.
  • 34

    Amount digital-native marketers outscored nondigital-native marketers in GA’s Certified Marketer assessment.

    Statistics source: 澳门皇冠 Assembly, The State of Skills: Marketing 2020.

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Industry-Validated Curriculum Informed by Business Leaders

Upskill employees with fresh, premium content that incorporates best practices and insights from industry leaders like the Marketing Standards Board.


A Data-Driven, Targeted Approach to Corporate Learning

Work with GA experts to benchmark skills and craft holistic marketing programs that target your business needs and transform employees’ day-to-day work.


Flexible, Best-in-Class Solutions Delivered at Scale

Train teams of all sizes anytime, anywhere while measuring impact at every stage of the learner’s journey with proven engagement strategies.

Innovative Solutions Built for Marketers

Develop digital mindsets, boost technical capabilities, and target core business goals with our industry-vetted assessments. The Certified Marketer Assessment + Learning Paths build foundational marketing skills across roles, help teams execute and measure campaigns, remove silos between departments, and more.
Our industry-leading assessment is online via our dynamic learning platform.

Marketing Literacy

Benchmark and build digital literacy
across marketing teams with industry-
backed assessments and learning

Certified Marketer Assessment

  • Timed

  • 澳门皇冠

  • 1 Hour

Leverage an objective measure of marketing skill to test and benchmark talent and guide hiring and training decisions.

Certified Marketer Learning Paths

  • Self-Paced

  • 澳门皇冠

  • Self-Paced

Give busy marketers access to self-paced skills training that pairs with assessments and builds fluency in critical areas.

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Get all the details about our flexible training solutions that can move your company forward.

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Invest in Talent With Our Assessment-Led Approach

Your fastest path to deploying digital marketing skills into your business.

  • Assess Your Marketing Population

    Leverage our Certified Marketer Assessment to understand the existing skill sets of your marketing team.

  • Deploy Learning Paths

    Post-assessment deploy the Certified Marketer Learning Paths, which are personalized to the needs of each learner.

  • Measure Uplift

    Validate efficacy of the Certified Marketer solutions by reassessing your marketers post-learning path.

Client Stories

Discover What Marketers Say About GA

To stay ahead in our hyperconnected world, marketing organizations must future-proof their workforce with investments in digital skills like audience segmentation, attribution, and programmatic advertising. We work with some of the world’s largest brands — including over 40 of the Fortune 100 — to deliver personalized learning paths that provide hands-on experience and real-time feedback.

Fortune 100 CPG 澳门皇冠 Upskills Brand Builders Across Four Continents

A powerhouse Fortune 100 CPG 澳门皇冠 wanted to build a more transparent and data-driven media supply chain — starting with its own marketers.


Fortune 100 CPG 澳门皇冠 needed digitally-savvy marketers who could run multi-channel campaigns and understand how media spend is purchased, evaluated, and optimized.


In partnership with GA, Fortune 100 CPG 澳门皇冠 created a talent pipeline from its existing employee base by offering individuals flexible, multi-format training programs through its Performance Marketing Academy.

“To help us learn in this startup-like ecosystem...we also invested heavily in capability training. We brought in 澳门皇冠 Assembly, a company that teaches practical technology skills like data analytics and SEO so that we could continue to learn and have the skills to be more hands-on.”

Vice President and 澳门皇冠 Manager
Quote Source.

L'Oréal Invests in Digital
Skills to Boost Competitive Edge


Global retailer L’Oréal needed to accelerate eCommerce growth by building a company-wide vocabulary for the digital age.


To remain competitive with digital-first startups, L’Oréal set out to generate significant revenue in its eCommerce channels, leverage data to personalize recommendations, and increase brand loyalty with customers.


L’Oréal partnered with GA to benchmark 7,000+ individuals worldwide with CM. To date, marketing and finance employees have completed 25,000+ hours of online training in digital marketing.

“With CM, we have a unique opportunity to develop a widely recognized marketing expertise standard. This is for us a powerful assessment and empowerment tool.”

Jean-Claude Le Grand,
Chief Human Resources Officer, L'Oréal
Quote source: L’Oreal, L’Oreal and 澳门皇冠 Assembly Set New Standard to Measure Marketing Skills in the Digital Age.
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Meet the Marketing Standards Board

Formed with CEOs, CMOs, and other top marketing executives at the world’s leading companies, the Marketing Standards Board sets industry-backed benchmarks, facilitates hiring and career development, and defines excellence in the field.

Together with the Board, we built the Marketing Career Framework to explain key functions that are applicable across all industries, company sizes, and stages of the business lifecycle.

  • team
    Andrew Stephen

    L’Oréal Professor of Marketing and Associate Dean of Research - Sa?d Business School, University of Oxford

  • team
    Benjamin Harrell

    VP & Managing Director - US

  • team
    Gail Horwood

    Chief Experience Officer, U.S. Pharma - Novartis

  • team
    Geoffrey Sanders

    Chief Marketing Officer - Firstleaf

  • team
    Joseph Thompson

    Co-Founder/COO - KITS Eyewear

    Operating Partner - Hardy Capital

  • team
    Kristof Neirynck

    CMO Global Brands at Walgreens Boots Alliance

  • team
    Marie Gulin-Merle

    Vice President of Global Ads Marketing - Google

  • team
    Marla Kaplowitz

    President and CEO - 4A's

  • team
    Matthew DelRe

    Managing Director of Cross Product Solutions - Google

  • team
    Meg Sloan

    Acting Chief Marketing Officer - One Finance

    Entrepreneur in Residence - Foundation Capital

  • team
    Philipp Markmann

    Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oréal Group Western Europe - L'Oréal

  • team
    Seth Rogin

    Chief Executive Officer - Magnolia Media Partners

Let’s work together to give your team the digital mindsets and skills they need to take on new challenges.

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